Some examples...

Below, you will find details of some of the websites we have created. Click on any of the site pictures / links to view any of the sites directly in a separate window. Having taken a look, feel free to contact us to discuss the kind of site you need.

A showcase for the work of the luthier Norman Myall. Using clean lines and high quality photos, the site presents a detailed catalogue illustrating Norman's work. Each instrument is presented via several web-optimised high resolution images. These are accessed via a thumbnail view to minimise page loading times.  [back to top]

Another 'showcase' site, in this case illustrating the custom-made wooden play structures and garden buildings of the Free Range Playgrounds company. The site is database-driven (using PHP 4 & MySQL) for easy updating and maintenance and the front page features an animated logo designed by the client.  [back to top]

A site designed for the CASPE health services research unit. This extensive site, which features an eye-catching scrolling display window on the home page, is now maintained by CASPE staff.  [back to top]

A simple site that details the work of the NHS Pensioners' Trust. Visitors are able to download the Trust's application form in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat formats.  [back to top]

A simple but elegant site that advertises a London flat and its neighbourhood to potential home exchange vacation partners. The 'Around Blackheath' section presents a photo gallery of scanned images and the whole site is hosted by a free-ISP to keep running costs to zero. (NB The site is currently dormant as the flat-owners have moved; the one or two broken links on the current site will be fixed as part of a planned wholesale revamp of the content.)  [back to top]



What can we do for you?

If you think we may be able to help, use our contact page to get in touch. You can check the full range of services we can offer here.  [back to top]